Close up image of a green frog on a green leaf against a black background

Formerly a citrus estate, Wa Samaki Ecosystems focuses on Permaculture restoration while producing cut flowers, tropical fish and indigenous food crops. Because of this, a once lifeless estate has turned into a haven for wildlife over the years.

When the habitat was restored an array of wildlife returned, which now call here their safe and permanent home.

At the estate you can spot a variety of birds, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Photographer, naturalist and conservationist Zakariyya Ali will lead us in searching out these creatures and introduce us to the art and skill of creating beautiful photographs of these creatures in a low impact and ethical manner that minimizes stress on the animal.

All levels of photographers are welcomed!



Date: Saturday 13th January, 2024

& Registration: 6:30 PM

Safari Hike Time: 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Location: Wa Samaki Ecosystems Corner La Cuesa and Freeport Todds Rd, Freeport

Cost: Members $150.00 Non-Members $200.00

(Details on what to bring, what to wear etc. will be provided upon registration.)