About Us

We are a group of everyday people with a common passion for or interest in photography. Some of us are full-time photographers who make our living from this thing we love, others are weekend warriors, enthusiasts and hobbyists who shoot every chance we get and many are somewhere in between. Some of us are into portraiture, many of us prefer nature, landscape and seascapes. A few are crazy mad digital geniuses. Yet others are highly specialised and make only photographs of babies. Our styles too vary as much as our subjects. There are studio wizards, and masters of the formal portraiture. Others prefer the looser spontaneity of documentary and street photography. For many its about the latest gear, some it’s about the finer points of the craft and others it’s about the incredible stories we capture. Whatever your level, interest or the subject matter you prefer, you have a place with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster national & regional recognition of the art & science of photography, building a respected community of accomplished photographers.

  • We support & inspire excellence, creativity and ethical conduct
  • We provide networking & educational opportunities
  • We celebrate & preserve the diversity of the culture & environment of Trinidad and Tobago.

What We Do

Building a Community and Network

We believe in the power of the many; in synergy, where 1+1 = 3 or 4 or even 50. On our own, we can be good, but a community of 1000 creative innovative photographers is unstoppable! Through our monthly meetings and online activity, we create opportunities for communication, collaboration, and getting stuff done!

Education and Learning

Photography is a life long journey that only ends when we think we know it all. Through our program of workshops, we seek to provide learning for all levels of photography. From our Fundamental of Photography to our Advanced Photoshop and Lighting, we have workshops to meet every need.


No matter how many books you read or Youtube videos you watch at 1 AM, you only really learn by doing. Our monthly safaris provide interesting and unique opportunities to shoot in the safety of numbers. Our safaris are always led by photographers who can assist with any learning you may need to make better photos.


In order to effect change, we must have a voice. From pursuing avenues to put photography on par with the other creative arts, to speaking out for photographers’ rights, to finding a home for the Society, the TTPhotoSoc will continue its public support of and voice its opinion on the important matters that affect photographers.

Bios and Stuff

_7R35371 Chad 1

Chad Lue Choy, President

Chad served as TTPS Secretary for the period 2018/19. An electrical engineer by profession, Chad left his corporate life in 2017 to pursue photography full time. His work is in the field of commercial/food, street/travel, and documentary photography. He brings over 20 years of technical and business experience and also supports sustainability through his work with the Trinidad & Tobago Green Building Council. For fun, Chad has been learning to speak Japanese and once one drove solo coast to coast across North America.

Kazim Daniel

Kazim Daniel, Secretary (Interim)

Kazim Daniel is an award-winning, published photographer based in Trinidad and Tobago. His passion for photography started in shooting landscapes and nightscapes but has since shifted his focus to portraits, weddings, and events in 2018. He has recently rejoined the Executive in an interim role having served previously as Treasurer.

_7R35365 Curtis 1

Curtis Khan, Treasurer

Curtis prides himself in his ability to capture the peak of any expression whether it is a candid shot or coaxing it out in the studio. A former Managing Director who traded in his shirt and tie to follow his passion, he is now in the enviable position of earning his living through his passion. Curtis has photographed several Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and even the Queen of England! 

Apart from photography and cricket, Curtis can often be found with a cup of coffee in hand, watching F1 racing, commenting on global and local economic events (he’s an economist by profession), twisting any statement into a pun, struggling up Lady Chancellor Hill, being a parent and a husband or attending Church.

_7R35368edit Sarita 1

Sarita Rampersad, Program Manager

Attention to specifics, a “make-it-work” attitude and a willingness to work long hours, describe me best.

My years working in advertising, both as a copywriter and an audiovisual producer, honed my eye for detail and love for location work. I’ve photographed everything from families in the savannah to Coast Guard maneuvers hanging out of a helicopter. 

I have an inexplicable attachment to coveralls, jumped off the cliffs at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica and ended up in Mobay Hope Medical Centre, think chunky peanut butter and guava jelly might just be the perfect food combination, sometimes forget that I also practiced law and credit my love for photography to my mother, who always had a camera in hand.

_7R35376 Cathy 1

Cathy Bain, Fundraising Manager

I’m a doctor by profession, but I’ve been a photographer since childhood. I started out in photography at the age of 14 by building a darkroom in my father’s garage toilet and my first love was B&W portraiture, landscape and street photography. Over the years photography has always been part of my life. On moving to Trinidad 15 years ago I was surprised there was no national photographic society and so I founded the TTPS with a group of friends. I am delighted to still serve on the executive board of the society and hope to see the society grow further and gain a home and exhibition space of its own in the future.

_7R35379 Petuna 1

Petuna Kennedy, Membership Manager

Every photograph begins with an idea, an artefact that depicts visual perception for the purpose of education, information, entertainment and persuasion

Petuna’s career is in the construction industry as a professional Quantity Surveyor and Facilities Manager, however her love for photography started with architectural designing through 3d designs.

Whatever the subject this photographer is bringing a unique and creative eye to her projects and assignments.  A sought after product, still life, architecture and landscaping photographer.