We invite you to consider nominating for any of the following positions on the Executive Committee:-

Please note that in lieu of ratified by-laws, nominations will be accepted until 12 Noon on Friday 15th November 2019.

Download and complete your nomination form and email it to info@tt-ps.org with subject line “NOMINATION”

Members are free to nominate other suitable persons or themselves.

Only paid-up members can nominate, endorse nominations and vote.

The leadership of the Society is critical to your overall membership experience. Please consider suitable candidates who are willing to work towards bettering the Society and creating value for the members. Your decisions will determine the future of TTPS.

See you at the AGM on Monday 18th November 2019 at Queen’s Hall at 7 PM.

Reference Proposed Draft Bye-Laws

5.2.1 Election of and Removal of Executive Committee members

The requirements and process to be elected as an executive committee member (including the President) are;

● All nominees must be a fully paid member of the Society

● All nominees must complete a nomination form and submit this to the Secretary a minimum of three days before the AGM

● All nominees must have the signed endorsement of at least two Society members who are fully paid and who have been members for the preceding year

● All nominations are sent to all current members a minimum of two days before the AGM and a vote is taken at the AGM. Each fully paid member attending the AGM has one vote for each poll. The winning candidate is chosen by a simple (more than 50%) majority vote.