Trinidad & Tobago Photographic Society is proud and excited to host the acclaimed international authour and photographer David DuChemin.

Illustrated by inspiring photographs from around the world, The Heart of the Photograph Virtual Lecture with David duChemin is a 90-minute conversation exploring ten powerful ideas about the creation of more engaging photographs. This webinar will discuss techniques and ways of thinking about the creation of images designed to engage human imagination and emotion, including questions of vision and intent, the use of space and time, the creation of depth, and the use of point of view. David will also discuss mood and mystery, storytelling, and what this all means for our choices of moments as well as more practical considerations, like the more creative use of exposure tools, composition, and more. This will be a compelling lecture with (and about) heart that you will remember for a long time.


David duChemin is a best-selling author, award-winning photographer, and leading expert in the field of creativity. With over 35 years of experience making photographs, his calling is to help photographers make photographs that are more than just sharp and well-exposed. David teaches how to make photographs that light a spark in people, that communicate clearly, that captivate imaginations, and grab the attention and hearts of the people who will see them. As an international workshop leader and author of best-selling books like Within The Frame and The Soul of the Camera ( both published in over a dozen languages), he’s taught students this incredible craft on all seven continents. 

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If you want more, you can get a sense of his teaching on his blog at

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And you can listen to his sultry radio voice by listening to his podcast about the joys and challenges of everyday creativity at




  • As part of the Heart of the Photograph virtual lecture, David will provide free downloads of two of his best-selling eBooks (a $42 USD value) to every attendee
  • A giveaway of one signed copy of his newest book, The Heart of the Photograph, from which he shamelessly stole the name of this lecture to one lucky attendee
  • In addition to the free downloads, this presentation will be recorded and made available so you can re-watch on-demand