Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the deadline for submission?

  • Submissions are open from Jan. 1, 2022 to Mar. 15, 2022.


Who is eligible to enter?

  • Any citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago. However, we do not allow members of our management team or partner organizations to enter.


Must I be a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Photographic Society to enter?

  • No, membership to the Trinidad and Tobago Photographic Society is not required.


Are there any qualifications required to enter the contest?

  • No, no special qualifications are required to enter. 


What are the categories?

  • There are three categories: “Captured Lives”, “Wild & Beautiful”, and “Biodiversity in Danger.” Each category represents a different facet of our interaction with the natural world, which you are invited to explore. 


Do you have to be a professional photographer to enter?

  • No, both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to enter. 


Do adult and youth photographers compete against one another?

  • No, while both adults and youth submit under the same categories, they are judged separately. The only instance of adult and youth photographers competing against each other is for the HADCO Grand Prize.


How do I submit a photo to this competition?


How many photos can I submit?

  • Each person can submit a maximum of 3 images per category. If more than 3 images are entered in a single category, only the first 3 (chronologically speaking) will be considered. No refund shall be disbursed for additional images submitted that are beyond this limit. 


Is there a minimum or maximum file size or resolution accepted?

  • Yes, we ask that your first submitted photo(s) be in JPEG format and resized to 1200 pixels on the longer side. Your original photo(s) must also be able to produce a JPEG with a minimum of 2500 pixels on the shorter side. We will ask for this larger size if your photo(s) are shortlisted. If you are unsure of your image’s dimensions, please make sure that your file size does not exceed 2MB.  


How to name my files?

  • Submission files must follow the naming format of [imagetitle_category_adult/youth.jpg], for example: capuchin_capturedlives_adult.jpg 


Is this photo contest the right one for me?

  • How do you feel about nature? Do you enjoy it? Do you think that we have been treating nature fairly over the years? How do you feel about wildlife? Would you like to help the environment? Do you think that ecotourism is a way forward for T&T? If any of these questions elicits a positive response somewhere within you – no matter how small – then this is definitely the right contest for you. 


How much does it cost to enter this competition?

  • Each adult submission costs TT$55. Youth submissions are TT$25 each. However, if you submit before Feb. 1, 2022, adult submissions cost TT$25 and youth submissions are free. Please be mindful of the 3 images per category limit, so choose wisely! 


Is there an age limit to enter?

  • Absolutely not. 


Where can I go to take pictures of wildlife in T&T?

  • Wildlife can be found in some remote locations, but if you look around your neighborhood you may be able to find some surprising pockets of wildlife. 


Are there any considerations I should keep in mind when taking wildlife photos?

  • Yes – a critical part of photographing wildlife is the welfare of the animals themselves. Any action which may cause harm to the animal for the purpose of a photograph or even a sighting is firmly discouraged and can lead to your image being disqualified from this competition. Please see this link for more information. 


Can I use my phone to take pictures?

  • Yes, definitely. The best camera is the one in your hand. But please bear in mind our file size requirements. 


Will I receive any notification that my work has been received?

  • Once your submission has been received, you will receive a notification. 


What degree of photo editing is acceptable for this competition?

  • Acceptable editing includes cropping as well as adjustments to color, contrast, exposure, and tone. As far as possible, the images should reflect the true nature of the experience captured.


Are there any restrictions pertaining to when or where a photo was taken?

  • Yes – photographs must have been taken in T&T within the last 4 years, i.e. any image on or after January 1, 2018.


Can watermarked photos be submitted?

  • No mark which can identify the photographer (i.e. watermark) must be present on the image. Any image with a watermark will be disqualified. This is to ensure that the judges remain unaware of the identity of the photographer. 


Do I have to enter under my real name?

  • Yes!


Can I submit a photo to this competition that is currently in another competition?

  • No.


What permissions are necessary to submit a photo?

  • The person submitting an image must be the sole owner and creator of the work. In the case of a photograph, the entrant must be the photographer. Any person appearing within the image must give the appropriate consent. If that person is a minor, then their parent or legal guardian must provide said consent. 


Can I submit a printed version of a photo?

  • No, submissions are digital only. 


Do you accept film submissions?

  • Unfortunately not. While film submissions can be scanned, there is no reliable way to verify the EXIF data on the image file to confirm that it was taken within the specified time period. 


Can I enter someone else’s photo?

  • No.


How can I be sure the judging process is fair?

  • The images are judged anonymously and independently by the three judges in three different countries. Your final score is the sum of the individual scores, and judges do not collaborate. 


What are the judges looking for in a photo?

  • Images are judged based on the following criteria: 
    • Adherence to Theme, or the communication of the concept outlined in the respective category.

    • Creativity/Uniqueness, or the demonstration of a fresh perspective on the given theme.

    • Composition, or the artistic relevance within the frame.

    • Storytelling, or the ability of the image and caption to work together to create a compelling story. 

    • Technical Prowess, or the proper demonstration of competence in managing exposure, focus, colour, and light.


Who are the judges?

  • The slate of three judges hand-picked for their keen artistic eye, adherence to globally accepted ethical guidelines, commitment to conservation, years of experience, as well as their prolific bodies of work is as follows: 
    • Juliette Hadad, a multidisciplinary artist from Trinidad

    • Eladio Fernandez, a conservation photographer from the Dominican Republic

    • Georgina Steytler, a nature photographer from Australia.


What are the prizes?

  • There are several types of prizes. First, there are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each adult category for the amounts of $3,400, $2,000, and $600 TTD, respectively. 
  • Second, there are experiential prizes and special gifts for the winners of our youth categories.
    • The 1st place winner of each category receives a unique paid-for ecotourism  experience for themselves and up to three of their friends or family, one of whom must be a legal adult. The winner of Biodiversity in Danger receives a boat tour through Nariva Swamp to Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary, the winner of Captured Lives is awarded a dinner with a view on a private boat in the Caroni Swamp while thousands of Scarlet Ibis return to roost, and the winner of Wild and Beautiful wins a boat trip and hike to see hundreds of Red-billed Tropicbirds and other visiting seabirds on picturesque Little Tobago. Each 1st place winner would also receive a Right Start account with a starter amount of $600 TTD courtesy Republic Bank.
    • For 2nd place winners, they shall receive a gift basket filled with books and guides of T&T’s flora and fauna from the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists Club (TTFNC) as well as a Right Start account with a starter amount of $500 TTD courtesy Republic Bank.
    • Each 3rd place winner shall receive an 8”x10” professionally framed print of their winning submission along with a Right Start account with a starter amount of $400 TTD courtesy Republic Bank. 
  • Third, a People’s Choice prize of TT$2,000 will be given for the best shortlisted photo decided by popular online vote. 
  • Fourth, the HADCO Grand Prize of TT$6,000 shall be awarded to the best image in the competition. Both adult and youth submissions will be eligible for this prize. 


Do I retain the rights to my submitted photos?

  • Yes, the photographer remains the rightful owner of the image. You also grant the Nurture Nature Campaign a creative commons license (CC BY-NC) to use submitted images, with attribution, for the promotion of non-commercial conservation photography competitions and wildlife conservation in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.