Fundamentals of Photography with Curtis Khan (March 2020)


Our Fundamentals of Photography is a workshop for people starting out in photography and for anyone else who wants to review and cement their basic photography knowledge. It will focus on photographic equipment and its proper use.  You will take part in a theoretical overview of the fundamentals of photography followed by practical sessions where you can test your skills and receive guidance to deal with any challenges you may face when making photographs. You will learn the difference between taking a picture to making an image and graduate from point and shoot to having full creative control of your camera. 

The workshop will be an exciting mix of classroom-style teaching and hands-on practical exercises.

Lunch and tea/coffee breaks are included.

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We are sorry to inform you that we elected to suspend all our in-person events until April. If you already registered for one of our events, we will be in contact with you regarding your refund.



PRESENTER: Mr. Curtis Khan, Photographer

LOCATION: Splice Studios, #7 Francis Road, Maraval

TIME: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

DATE: Saturday 28th March 2020



  • Buying a camera and lens
  • Types of cameras- DSLR, DSLT, mirrorless, fixed lens cameras;
  • Sensor size and its relation to the image made;
  • How important are megapixels?
  • Which camera suits your style?
  • Types of lenses- ultra-wide, wide, normal, telephoto, super-telephoto;
  • Knowing your camera (basic settings and some camera-specific ones)
  • Controlling the parameters of the scene- you make the picture
  • Program, Aperture-Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual (PASM) when and how to use
  • The exposure triangle – shutter speed, aperture, ISO
  • White balance, metering mode, focus mode, histogram
  • Exposure compensation and auto ISO
  • The effects of each element of the exposure triangle
  • Basic rules of composition and some situations to avoid-Rule of thirds, directional lines, vanishing point, horizons, etc.
  • Practical session

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