Instructions for paying by Cash or Linx at WiPay Outlets

  1. Send an email to with CASH PAYMENT as the subject line indicating the number of entries you wish to submit
  2. You will receive an email from TTPS confirming your request and the total amount to be paid. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL. You will need it after you have purchased your voucher
  3. Visit any WiPay location vendor and purchase your voucher using cash or Linx. For a full list of vendors locations please visit WiPay 
  4. When you have your voucher, please click the “Pay with cash” link on the email you received from TTPS. Follow the online instructions and enter the voucher number.
  5. Once you have paid, proceed to TTPS Contest Entry Form (Cash) from the drop-down menu under Annual Competition. Complete the form, upload your images and enter your 12-digit voucher code as proof of payment and click SUBMIT to finish
  6. You will receive an entry confirmation email from TTPS